Monday, June 14, 2010

Forget what your mother would think

Ask a man out

Buy a really racy piece of lingerie

Send yourself a dozen roses

Audition for a TV Reality Show

Go skydiving ---oh yeah

Bet it all on black in Vegas---and let it ride

Be the BOSS - (he will never know he is always at lunch)

Try on very expensive clothes in a boutique that you know you can't afford...

Invent an interesting past ---(my past has a different name --it's Lilly)

Talk in a foreign accent all day

Smoke a cigar

Have a three martini lunch and go back to work refreshed

Create your own holiday and celebrate it every year

Make a voodoo doll of your ex (yeah you know who you are -- having problems)?

Pretend your a food critic at a trendy restaurant

Make snow angels

Blame everything on your evil twin

Wear a feather boa and movie star glasses to the grocery store..(that'll get ya some looks).........

Flirt your way through a traffic jam.

Taste every variety of margarita

Throw a silk pajama party and greet guests with a glass of champagne

Go on two dates in one night

Ask your boyfriend to paint your toenails in exchange for the remote

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes.....................

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