Saturday, June 26, 2010


If I could reach out just once more
Touch your hand --- Feel the warmth under mine
I'd give up now for that moment...

If I had known that the last hug I gave
Was the Last --- I would have held tighter
And longer --- Maybe Forever...

If I had known the last time your hand
Touched my cheek --- It would be the LAST ...
I'd have rested my cheek in the palm of your hand
Just fell asleep --- breathing in all of you...

I would have looked longer at your eyes
When you called my name
And kept looking --- for with us
Words never had to be shared ---
A smile, A nod, A touch
That was it...

If I had known our last snuggle movie fest
Was to be our LAST ---
I'd have picked several more ---
Made the weekend last longer ...

The air would have been colder ---
The blanket warmer 
And I still would have slept
Through all of the movie....

It was the safety in your presence ---                        
And in your arms
That made me OK.....
Now there is WIDE OPEN SPACE
In my heart --- an aching emptiness
That can't say goodbye...


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