Sunday, June 20, 2010


Awake -- Listening carefully
                         Yet trying not to hear.
                           Toss and turn, fluff the pillow
                           Fix the covers, eyes closed
                           Trying not to hear.
                           Louder still.
                           Creaking doors, clicking vents
                           Footsteps on the floor
                           And still trying not to hear.
                           Sounds beside me -- breathing, snoring
                           Whispers in my ear.
                          "Are you OK?" -- "What can I do?"
                           Still trying trying not to hear
                           Are they my mind's eye
                           From the past -- afraid to hear.
                           Trying not to hear.
                                                                                 Dawn approaches, slumber appears
                                                                                 At last, not hearing, finally I sleep.


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