Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Your Day

My best friend gone but not forgotten........

As your Birthday draws near --- my mind drifts to you and all that might have been had you not been tragically taken from us......     Happy Birthday Johnny

We carried out your wishes --- just as you would have wanted and I kept my part of the promise...... I think you would be pleased....... 

   Dirty Blonde

When I die
Burn m y body
Take my ashes
Over the mountains
And the seas
to the places
I have lived
Sprinkle some among
 The people I use to know
Who I love
 _And sorrows leaving Only
 All the love my Heart has carried._
 And who loved me for
 there my soul shall rest
 At last - let some linger
In the breeze blowing 
 them distant places
 Where my shadow will 
Hide my Doubts........

 Courtney Love

You are missed more than any words could ever express......

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  1. This so so sweet! Johnny would be proud of this. Love you so much Johnny.