Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the great scheme of things __ I believe that Blessings should be for everyone who goes to our Heavenly Father in prayer __ I think that in the end we shall all discover that we all serve the same God no matter what name you choose to call him__ Our Heavenly Father is a kind and forgiving person and we all have been given free will to choose how we serve him while here on EARTH.___ I have a question for you that someone ask me the other day: It confused and made sense all at the same time....... When you die, Are you going HOME to be with the Father?  Think about that for a moment....... If you are going HOME -- then you have already been there --- you must have you are going HOME..... you are just on loan here learning how to make your way back there through what ever deed you choose ___ and the choice is yours --- Our Heavenly Father Gave us Free Will......... Made me think about a lot of things .... Does it you?

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