Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glorious Iced Coffee

While I enjoy my fresh brewed coffee, in various combinations...there is just something glorious about a big ole glass of Iced Coffee... Recently I was introduced to a homespun recipe via my cousin ..... For all of you that do not know -- we are the coffee queens --- :0)  I know I know you are saying get on with it already lol --- so here goes........

  1. 1lb of your favorite coffee
  2.  2 gallons water
  3.  very large container

 Rip open the bag of coffee, pour into large container and add the water.... Give it a good stir to make sure all coffee marries with the water...... don't you just love how I used the word marries like I am an actual chef... I am not but I know my coffee.....:0)  Now let the coffee mixture steep for 8 hours....

 Once the coffee has sat for 8 long (oh my word hurry up and be ready) hours....you may then start the next process.....this includes pouring the brew through a mesh strainer (lined with cheese cloth or in my case a napkin) into the waiting large container or picture..... This will take a minute so be patient it will be worth the wait.... then sit your coffee concoction in the fridge for an hour or two (the colder the better)

 NOW that you have the coffee in your handy dandy container --- you are ready to mix and master your own favorite concoction ...... For me, I used organic soy milk (vanilla) and or (chocolate)...... splenda to sweeten.... Pour your glass a little over half full of the coffee top it off with the milk and splenda and mix..... there you have it Iced Coffee......Yummy Yummy

 Note:  you can use regular milk, 2% milk or half and half and sweeten your way --- I find I like soy milk with a little splenda...... And from time to time for an extra treat drizzle sweeten condensed milk in to give the coffee a to die for yumminess............

 So there you have it the Iced Coffee I waited almost 9hours for.........worth the wait....PS the coffee mixture should last up to three weeks in the fridge or not depending on how much you like coffee.....lol  ENJOY

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