Thursday, July 1, 2010


While you have been my priority……
I have been just your option ……..

On any given day/night I am here
Thinking of you
Wondering if you will call
Perhaps come by..

On any given day/night you are out
With the guys
Living it up thinking of just you
Never stopping to think
Of me Alone
At home (loving you)…..

So today - I am saying
I have an option too
I want to be a priority
I deserve to be at the top
Of things on your list to do

I am not an option
I am not a convenience
I am a strong loving woman
Who wants and needs
To be loved in return

Not just an option
You can randomly drop
In on from time to time

Words can hurt
Or lend relevance to
Any given situation

Am I just an option
On any given night
To you or am I more

Time to make a choice
Choose your words with care
Remember your actions
Will tell on you…

 1, July 2010 Kathey Buchanan\\ ©

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