Monday, July 5, 2010

In You

In the picture posted below: is a dear friend who passed away a few years ago to lung cancer. That picture is the last picture we ever took together -- It was on the 4th of July at Ocean Springs Beach -- Michael James was an exceptional man with great morals and values.  He is missed everyday by not just me but by those whom he barely knew-- he had a way of touching people with a smile or a nod, his way of letting them know they mattered even if he knew them not.... He opened his heart and his home to many, and was a lover of animals.... the year MJ passed away -- he was held at gun point by a young man and robbed -- this man spared MJ's life -- all the while his life was in danger Michael talked with calm ease to this young man and witnessed to him.... what a hero -- is this why GOD spared him on that day.... Although CANCER finally took his life ... it never took his spirit.. his famous word were always this "LOVIN LIFE,LIVIN THE DREAM"...... on any given day he would tell you this no matter his pain... he was an inspiration to many... The day he called me and said I need a babysitter and laughed -- I knew it was time.... for more than a month I did just that sit and listen and care for him and in an odd turn of events for once in our friendship I was the confidence booster, shoulder to lean on, care taker -- he had to let me be the strong person (he was such a man) -- He said his goodbyes very matter of fact like and in the end maintained his dignity... I said good bye on a Wednesday night -- with a kiss because he came to asking for sugar -- who knew -- and my friend and I lay our heads on his hands and he drifted back to sleep..... never to wake again.... On this day he is much on my mind and somewhere I know he is smiling and happy for I know he is in heaven......

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