Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge

15 Facts People Don't Know About Me...........

  1. My name is Katherine Machelle
  2. I can sing,(not your next American Idol) but I can sing..
  3. I have an illness called Pseudo Tumor Cerebri
  4. I have one daughter
  5. I have one sister who is my best friend
  6. I have a coffee addiction
  7. I love shoes
  8. I am more open-minded than most people realize
  9. My birthday is 08/23/1968
  10. I like the opera
  11. My eyes change from green to blue and back again
  12. I love tulips
  13. I still miss people from my past.
  14.  I am stubborn
  15. A man in uniform is always sexy....

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