Friday, October 1, 2010

My Grandfather

At 6:30 Wheel of Fortune
At 7:00 Ice Cream
For you and the dog
Just a little was OK
You use to say –
By 8:00 it was lights out
Sleepy or Not
Morning comes early
For the farmer.
You taught me
How to check the oil
And buy a battery,
You tuned my car
And it sounded like
An airplane in flight
My, My, My, you said
And started over
There done
Sorry Hun –
These new age things
Just get me un-done.
I’m gone mama
Put on some peas
Cornbread please
In the afternoon
You’d sold all the coons
Cornbread and milk for supper
Then once again
On your knees
In prayer
Giving thanks
For just another
Days breath of air!!!

11/26/08 Kathey Green’Smith

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